Holidays with children

During the Christmas holidays there are times when it all gets too much for me. Of course, that’s what happens during the holidays. They are at home all day, happy to play all day and then there’s me, I’m at home all day too… but I have to work… Let’s see how I cope with it all ;-)

This is just me thinking aloud, but I’m sure that all of us who usually work from home start to think the same at this time of year.

I don’t know about you but up to now I’ve always dealt with it in the same way; I try to get up quite a bit earlier than them, and for this first part of the day (still in silence) I manage to get quite a lot done. And then later…well, I have to keep half a mind on what I’m doing and the other half is occupied with explaining to them why the monsters in films don’t really exist.

With this in mind, and after my son (of 4 years old) did a drawing of his favourite superheroes, and then came to me at the table to ask, “Mummy, the baddies in the superhero cartoons don’t really exist do they?” “No, Marcos. The baddies don’t exist.” “Of course not Mum, otherwise the world would be destroyed.” If only you knew, the world is being destroyed…(that’s what I was thinking although, of course, I didn’t say that to him).

My sons love superheroes, they can spend hours building dens with Lego pieces to hide in, dressed up as one or another, colouring and reading (or looking at) books of superheroes…I suppose that’s the thing about having two boys, if they were girls it would all be about princesses, but they’re boys so they like superheroes, it must be in their blood.

So, for these holidays I’ve already got a few activities planned to do with them:

-       Avengers Bookmarks. Crafts by Amanda gives us the instructions for how to make some great bookmarks. It couldn’t be easier: ice cream sticks, pencil and paint. Aren’t they perfect for fans of superheroes?

-       Masks. I really like doing crafts with felt and at Just B., I found these examples of masks. You could also make them out of cardboard or foam, but they fit the face much better if they are made of felt (and they will last for longer too).

-       Felt superheroes. The idea comes from Jacopo Rosati and you can use these superheroes as a reference point for making your own. Perfect for decorating backpacks, t-shirts or whatever you want.

-       Paper superheroes. On this site you can download different superheroes in pdf format. You just need to print, cut out and stick. Children will need help with this, it’s not as easy as it looks.


I’ll let you know if over the course of this Christmas I turned myself into Wonder Woman or Cat Woman… Happy holidays to you all from Beemamá!!!